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Embalming & Viewing

Modern embalming has very little to do with the techniques of the ancient Egyptians.

Today its function is to ensure disinfection and preservation during the funeral period and most Funeral Directors consider it necessary for this very reason. There is an added necessity if viewing of the deceased is to take place, as it ensures a more natural appearance and removes any health hazard.

It is important to realize that the condition of the deceased will begin to deteriorate from the moment the person passes away.

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Add to this the effects of serious disease, modern medications, and of course our Far North temperatures, it is always important to allow the Funeral Director/embalmer early access to the deceased in order to minimize any unpleasant occurrences. Embalming is important too if the deceased is to be transported any distance.

Embalming is a skilled process and should only be performed by trained practitioners. High standards, as promoted by the NZ Embalmers Association, are maintained.