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Why Pre-Arrange or Pre-Pay for your Funeral?

We plan for nearly every financial eventuality that we may face in life: we invest for our retirement, have health insurance and home and contents insurance. Yet when it comes to funerals many of us don't like to think about them, let alone plan for them.

Today more and more people are changing the way they think and find that it makes a lot of sense to join a Funeral Plan. At Geards Funeral Home we offer a selection of pre-paid funeral plans.

Most people who pre arrange their funeral experience a sense of relief that they have actually gone through with it. The hardest part is making the decision to approach the Funeral Director and start talking about it. This can seem a little daunting at first, as it means facing up to our own mortality. The sense of relief for people we have dealt with has been quite amazing. You may pre-arrange your funeral or pre-pay it as well. The decision is always yours…

At Geards Funeral Home, we have our own trust account where funds are lodged in the name of the depositor and this money is interest bearing until the funds are required for payment of the funeral expenses.

Our Plans can help relieve the burden of an inevitable event that affects our loved ones emotionally and financially by allowing you to arrange and pay for your funeral long before it's needed.

Prepaying all or part of your funeral service expenses relieves your family of the financial burden, can help you have peace of mind that your wishes are known and you have made arrangements for them to be carried out.

Prepaid funerals up to $10,000 are excluded from asset testing (under current government policy) when assessing for a subsidy for long term residential care for the elderly.