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Geards Funeral Home

The Dining Room
After the funeral in the chapel, most families like to gather to share with family and friends for less formal conversation and fellowship.

At Geards we have the perfect place. We have a full kitchen and catering service.

Menu’s can range from simple finger food through to a complete sit down meal.
(Of course this depends upon what the family chooses.)

Geards Funeral Home

Geards Funeral Home

Te Whanau Room
Geards Funeral Home recognises the need to cater to all of our clients and have therefore created a unique area of our funeral home dedicated to the needs of our Maori Whanau.

Our kaupapa here in the North is to remain with the Tupapaku (deceased) or as near to as possible once they pass away. This sentiment actually begins prior to death, but after the death occurs, it becomes very important, spiritually, for Maori to comfort the deceased and keep the Wairua (spirit) of that person warm, until he or she is released back to their tupuna (ancestors).

With this in mind we have created an environment which helps the Whanau during the whole process. When we remove the deceased from the place of death to Geards Funeral Home, we encourage family to travel with us in the hearse or behind in their own vehicle and come to the Whanau room where they can sit and wait in comfort near the deceased (although not in the mortuary). It becomes a good point of contact for other extended family members to gather while the embalming is being carried out. During the time the deceased is being embalmed, (usually 2-3 hours) the family can take the time to organise clothing or Marae bookings or choose a casket and complete the formalities for registering a death with one of Geards Funeral Home Funeral Directors.

Once embalmed the deceased is placed in the viewing room where immediate family members can help dress and place the deceased into the casket. When this has been completed the deceased can be taken into the adjoining Whanau Room for final prayers before the journey back to the home or Marae. When the family leave Geards Funeral Home they can be assured that they have received complete service…., the deceased has been prepared, the casket chosen, the flowers arranged, (subject to availability of the florist) the cemetery cross, and all the registration of death requirements have been completed.

There is a beautiful large Maori carving in the Whanau Room depicting the return journey of the spirit. This was commissioned by local carver Dale Motu.

Car Parking
There is a free car park for approximately forty cars on the corner of Pukepoto Road and Melody Lane.