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Geards Funeral Home




The Chapel of Geards Funeral Home

The chapel environment itself is warm and comfortable. Both religious and non-religious funerals may be held here.

A spacious 180 seat chapel, with a large tropical fish aquarium as the centerpiece, surrounded on either side by two gardens. One garden representing a beach scene complete with dinghy, reminiscent of times gone by…., giving rise to warm memories of when we may have been at the beach as young ones…., The other garden is a bush scene covered in the lush green foliage of ponga’s and ferns with a flowing water feature…. all very calming and serene.

Geards Funeral Home

Geards Funeral Home

The Chapel has a retractable 4,500 ansi lumen projector and 100” screen concealed in the ceiling which when lowered is perfect for displaying DVD’s of the deceased’s life, photographs or powerpoint displays. This is accompanied by a state of the art sound system for music C/D’s, and tapes.
The venue has cameras throughout so the funeral can be recorded and “dropped” onto DVD for family members to view later, perhaps they were unable to attend the service, or did not get to meet up with everyone who was at the funeral…or the service can be recorded just onto audio tape if requested.

If you are overseas and wish to be present at the funeral but can’t make it in person, then through the wonders of modern technology and the provision of an IP number the family and friends can directly access the funeral on the internet. What this means is that if you wish to speak at the funeral but you are in, England, then through your webcam and internet connection, you can dial in to the service and be on screen in the chapel.