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Alternative Ceremonies

In recent years New Zealanders have taken a closer interest in funerals and funeral arrangements. Much of this is due to the subject being less of a taboo than it has traditionally been.

Funerals are for the living - a celebration of someone's life. When it comes to the formal parts of that celebration, Geards actively encourage and help people to take the time to think about the funeral and create something both special and personal.

You do not have to hand everything over to someone else to arrange all aspects of the funeral service. There are certain areas of expertise that must be addressed by the professionals, but there is always the opportunity for family members to play a large part in the arrangements. We are happy to advise you and help with your decision making.

There are several different types of services available from a Chapel service at Geards Funeral Home, religious service at a Church, a non-religious service, perhaps a funeral at your favourite place - the beach, your garden or somewhere else of importance to you and your family and we can help you decide which is the most significant place for you.